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2017-18 Budget Development

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All budget meetings are open to the public.

Budget Calendar

January, 2017:
  • Board of Education receives 2017-18 Budget Development Timeline
  • Robert Yusko (Business Manager) and Paul Jenkins (Superintendent) meet with Administrators to distribute budget guidelines and requisition sheets, and gather input regarding program staff needs, materials and supplies, cost-saving ideas, and potential reduction in building budgets.
  • Administrators submit program budget composite to Business Manager (building materials and supplies).
February 1, 2017:
  • Board of Education receives 2017-18 preliminary budget forecast and proposed budget assumptions
March 1, 2017:
  • Tax Levy Limit submission due to the Office of the State Comptroller
March 13, 2017:
  • Regular Board of Education meeting,
    7 p.m. @ District Office, 15 Quade Street
    Board to adopt
    the Notice of Registration and Notice of Public Hearing and Annual Meeting resolution
March 14, 2017:
  • School Board candidate nominating petitions available in the district office
April, 2017:
  • District Office prepares absentee ballot applications, absentee ballot, related envelopes, and directions (The ballot must be mailed not earlier than 30 days or later than 7 days prior to the election day – (April 27 – May 9, 2017 for GFSD)
  • Board of Education finalizes 2017-18 educational plan and budget before the April 24, 2017 due date for NYS Property Tax Report Card
March 31, 2017:
  • First Notice of Budget Hearing, Annual Meeting and Election published in the Post Star (at least 45 days before Budget Vote)
April 5, 2017:
  • Audit & Finance Committee meeting
    7 p.m. @ HS auditorium, 15 Quade Street
    Budget Development
April 10, 2017:
  • Regular Board of Education Meeting,
    7 p.m. @ District Office, 15 Quade Street
April 25, 2017:
  • Last day to file Taxpayer Report Card with New York State and provide to the Post Star for publication
April 26, 2017:
  • 2017-18 Proposed Budget Statement and attachments made available to the public
    online, at every school building, and Crandall Public Library
April 26, 2017:
  • LAST DAY FOR FILING CANDIDATE PETITIONS with Clerk of the Board (20 days before election and signed by at least 100 qualified voters), 5 p.m. deadline
  • Voter Registration at District Office: 9-11am & 5-7pm
April 27, 2017:
  • Drawing for candidates’ position on ballot
  • Candidates informed of legal requirement for all candidates for election to Board of Education to file sworn statements of campaign contributions and distribute informational material
  • Candidates’ photos taken and personal statement received for publication in Budget Newsletter
  • Press notified of candidates for the School Board, date, time, and polling places
April 27—May 9, 2017:
  • Absentee ballots mailed to any qualified voter who requests one at the District Office.
May 3, 2017:
  • Public Hearing on the budget, 7 p.m. @ District Office, 15 Quade Street
May 4, 2017:
  • Required Proposed Budget Notice and Budget Newsletter mailed to District residents
May 8, 2017:
  • Regular Board of Education Meeting,
    7 p.m. @ District Office, 15 Quade Street
May 16, 2017:
  • BUDGET VOTE DAY: District Annual Meeting and election of Board of Education, noon—9 p.m. at Sanford Street School
  • Deadline (5 p.m.) for receipt of all Absentee Ballots in order to be counted in the election vote
  • Board of Education meets at 9:00 P.M. to tabulate votes and declare winners
  • Clerk of the Board notifies winners within 24 hours of the vote tabulation
  • Press notified of election results; BOCES District Superintendent notified of budget vote results
June 20, 2017:
  • Statewide budget re-vote day, if required (third Tuesday of June)
July 1, 2017:
  • Implement 2017-18 Budget


Nearly-complete budget proposal carries 1.94% increase in tax levy; no reductions in staff, program

April 5, 2017 - The Glens Falls Board of Education reviewed the nearly-complete 2017-18 budget proposal at an audit and finance committee meeting on April 5, where Asst. Superintendent for Business Robert Yusko detailed a $43 million spending plan that preserves all academic programming. View the presentation in full [HERE].

tax cap calculation graphic


Two seats open on the board in May 2017

The Board of Education of the Glens Falls City School District is made up of nine members who are elected by qualified voters of the district. They serve without pay for five-year terms. The Board of Education, in serving its role as trustee of the district's five schools (three elementary, one Middle School, and one High School), is responsible for the development of the policy through which the Superintendent administers the educational program, the students, and the staff.

Any district resident interested in running for the school board should pick up a petition packet at the district office. Petitions, with 100 qualified voters' signatures, are due back in the district office by 5 p.m. on April 26, 2017.



Tax levy limit calculation rarely results in "2% tax cap"

“The tax cap was originally marketed, and largely understood, as a ‘two percent cap,’” the statewide School Business Officials group notes. “But the law actually reads ‘the lesser of two percent or the inflation factor’ and now for three years in a row [this figure in] the tax cap has been below two percent.”

The CPI figure surely affects the eight-part calculation of a school district’s property tax cap, but it’s only one of the key figures necessary to arrive at the final “cap,” explains business director Bobby Yusko. (see graphic, below left)

graphic of tax levy limit calculation

“For Glens Falls, other pieces of the tax cap calculation have a greater effect on our tax cap than the CPI figure,” says Mr. Yusko. “Since we’re still receiving building aid on our science and technology capital project, those exclusions are having a stronger impact on our tax cap than the CPI.”

Once the calculation is complete, school district tax levy increases are limited to the calculated percentage for 2017, unless voters approve a budget with at least a 60 percent supermajority to override the tax cap.

Revenue from property taxes makes up fully half (50.26 percent) of Glens Falls City School District’s annual budget. State education aid accounts for 43.28 percent of revenues, while other funding sources contribute the rest (6.46 percent).

The district’s current-year property tax levy is $19,961,153. The state aid figure for 2016-17 remains a moving target, as Governor Andrew Cuomo’s executive budget proposal released Jan. 13 is now being debated by legislators. The state budget—and with it, finalized state aid figures—is due to be approved by the NYS Legislature by April 1.

A more detailed explanation of the tax cap calculation can be found in the reference materials below.



New York's Property Tax Levy Cap

Although often referred to as a “2 percent tax cap,” New York’s new tax levy “cap” law does not restrict any proposed tax levy increase to 2 percent. Pursuant to the law, each school district must follow an 8-step calculation, outlined here, to calculate its individual “tax levy limit.” That limit then determines what level of voter support is required for budget approval.

The law's Allowable Growth Factor "2 percent" figure is actually calculated as "2 percent or the change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), whichever is lower." Districts have been advised that the starting point for the tax levy cap calculation for the 2016-17 budget year will be 0.12%, because "the Average Annual Change in the CPI for 2015 was 0.12%, making the Allowable Levy Growth Factor for the 2016-17 Tax Levy Limit 0.12%." [source: State Aid Planning]


Budget development reference materials

2015-16 Budget Summary
• Total budget: $39,718,000
• Tax levy increase: 1.45%
• Budget-to-budget spending increase: 4.1% or $1,548,308


2014-15 Budget Summary
• Total budget: $38,169,692
• Tax levy increase: 1.53%
• Budget-to-budget spending decrease: (0.35%) or ($134,727)


2013-14 Budget Summary
• Total budget: $38,304,419
• Tax levy increase: 2.5%
• Budget-to-budget spending decrease: (1.7%) or ($660,465)


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