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Fifth-graders 'Lend a Hand" to support Make-A-Wish

Photo of staff and studentsFebruary 20, 2015 — Volunteering comes naturally to a group of dedicated Glens Falls Middle School students!

For the third year in a row, fifth-graders Caroline Shaver, Paige Sylvia, Isabella Ferraro, Ashley Bordeaux, Catherine Barclay, Robin Gorton, Kathryn Barber, and Lilly Gallagher, along with fourth-grader Morrison Northrop, made a large donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation through their sales at a neighborhood treat stand.

The students made and sold cookies, candy, and hot chocolate on a neighborhood corner in mid-December. In two hours the group raised $195, and donated all of their proceeds through the Glens Falls Middle School to Make-A-Wish.

"The girls innately believe in helping others in need and are great role models in our community," says school counselor Kathy Mitchell who annually organizes the Make-A-Wish fundraiser within the school district.

The treat stand isn't the only way this group makes a positive difference in the area.

This past summer Caroline Shaver created “Lend A Hand”, a community service club, inspiring her friends to join in her efforts to give back to the Glens Falls Community in various ways. The friends plan to create other opportunities to “Lend A Hand” locally.

"In October, the same group of friends purchased and painted pumpkins with the residents of the Stanton Nursing Home in Glens Falls while Cate Barclay serenaded residents on the piano," said Mrs. Mitchell. Also in October the girls bought supplies to make "Boo Baskets" (Halloween baskets to spread cheer) and delivered them to neighborhood kids. Recipients were asked to pay it forward and send two more Boo Baskets out so more families could be involved in the fun.

In November, the girls volunteered to help set up for the Hometown Thanksgiving Dinner at the Christ Church United Methodist in Glens Falls where 1,500 turkey dinners were served in one day. The group’s next community endeavor will be volunteering at The Winter 500 Ski Event at Double H Hole in the Woods on March 21st.