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Proposition #1: School Buses

photo of staff and studentsIncluded within the budget is a plan to enter a five-year lease agreement for:

  • Two 66-passenger school buses,

  • Two 28-passenger vans, and

  • One 21-passenger wheelchair van.

“The lease payments would not exceed, $70,000 per year, and would be paid out of the general operating budget,” explains Mr. Yusko. “However, any leasing period greater than one year requires voter approval. That’s why the buses appear as an independent proposition on the May 16th ballot. So, although there is a separate proposition to authorize the lease agreements, the required budget appropriation for the leases will not exceed the 2017-2018 budget proposal. In fact, a budget appropriation already exists for contract transportation, so the leases would effectively replace the current cost of contract transportation.”

While the district is a non-transporting district, it is required by law to transport a sizable population of students with disabilities, which has left us with no spare buses in the case of an emergency.

The district also has an aging fleet, and if approved by the voters, the leased vehicles will allow us to retire three 66-passenger vehicles (each is 15 years old and over 200,000 miles driven) and keep two spare vehicles in case of an emergency.

“Our maintenance staff works diligently to service and repair every district vehicle, and our team has been recognized by NYS DOT for our commitment to safety,” says Facilities Director Ken Chester. “In time, though, all vehicles reach the end of their utility. We have a long-term replacement schedule by which we carefully track bus usage, service, and student needs, so we can maximize the life of our fleet while keeping our highest safety standards.”

What's actually on the ballot?

Proposition 1: Lease of School Buses

RESOLVED, that the Board of Education of the Glens Falls City School District is hereby authorized to enter into five year leases for two (2) 66 passenger school buses, two (2) 28 passenger vans and one (1) 21 passenger wheelchair van at a total amount of lease payments not to exceed $70,000 per year and that the total lease payments for the five year leases would be at an amount not to exceed $350,000, and such annual lease payments shall be paid out of the operating budget of the District in each of the five years.