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New York State Master Teachers named at Glens Falls Middle School

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May 1, 2017 — Not one, but two math and science teachers from Glens Falls Middle School have been inducted into the elite New York State Master Teacher Program (NYSMTP).

Science teacher Jason Brechko and math teacher Yvonne Anderson are members of the newest cohort of educators statewide to be named Master Teachers.

The program celebrates the work of the highest-performing STEM teachers by establishing an expert community dedicated to developing expertise in the areas of content, pedagogy, and students’ families and communities, according to the State University of New York. “Introducing motivated teachers to like-minded professionals and high-quality growth experiences keeps our best teachers in the classroom.”

Just to be considered for admission into the program, teachers must provide an essay, recommendations, interview, be rated as “effective” or “highly effective” teachers, and then take and score well on a subject content exam.

Master Teachers join a professional community of colleagues from other districts, allowing them to share and discuss best practices and bring new ideas back to their own districts.

“Participating in content-specific professional development is fundamental to advancement of theory and practice,” says Ms. Anderson. “I am really enjoying this part of the program. However, bridging individual pieces of STEM education together illuminates the need for adhering to rigorous standards, the integration of cutting edge technology, and an increased respect for the demands of the next generation learners.

“The program has been incredible so far,” echoes Mr. Brechko. “In addition to gaining insight into my pedagogy and learning cutting-edge science through MTP professional development, I am bringing unique programs back to Glens Falls. In April, the MTP Biology Professional Learning Team is working with the Center for Vascular Health to bring a Vascular Health Awareness Day to 11 local school districts. Our Glens Falls students really benefitted from it.”

Approximately 800 educators have earned the Master Teacher designation since its introduction in 2013.