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Psychology and Social Work Services

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School-based mental health services

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School-based mental health services include a broad spectrum of assessment, prevention, intervention, postvention, counseling, consultation, and referral activities and services.

Ideally, school-based services dovetail with community-based services so that children and youth receive the support they need in a seamless, coordinated, and comprehensive system of care.


The purpose of psychological services is to help students develop their capacities to the fullest by attempting to provide the best possible conditions for learning. The psychologist works with children who have learning or emotional difficulties, and with their parents. The psychologist suggests ways to help the child adjust to the learning situations in school and to be more secure and effective in everyday living. Parents who have a question regarding psychological services are asked to contact the building principal in the school the student attends.

social work services

The primary purpose of social work in school is to support students in an educational setting—help them manage their learning needs, family problems, and issues of an environmental, social/emotional, mental health, or substance abuse nature that might impact their functioning.

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Social workers use a professional knowledge base to help people make the most effective use of their own abilities so they can focus on getting an education. In a school setting, it is often providing crisis intervention, family support and direct counseling. These activities support success by working collaboratively with a school intervention team, teachers, or community-based providers to support students.

School Social workers are licensed to provide direct counseling services to students or refer them to community-based professional services. The type of social work support offered is dependent on the student's need. Licensed Clinical Social Workers [LCSW] can provide bio-psycho-social assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental health, substance abuse, behavioral or emotional problems.


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