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Glens Falls High School's Quiz Bowl Team: Noah Duell, Dennis Dempsey, Ashley Lewry, Sarah Deck, and Alex Morris.

Quiz Team makes Academic Bowl playoffs for first time in 8 years

January 31, 2014 — What states meet at the place called the "Four Corners"? (New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado)

What is the motto of the United States Marine Corps? (Semper Fidelis)

Correctly answering questions like these won the GFHS Quiz Team a spot in the Post-Star Academic Bowl playoffs for the first time in eight years! “We played Jeopardy-type matches against 24 area high school teams,” says team coach Pattye Nicolls. “Even though it was a hard-fought game, we were defeated by Saratoga Springs, who went on to win first place out of the field of eight teams.”

“Team captain Noah Duell was phenomenal as a trivia whiz, and much of our success is owed to his rapid recall of facts from every category,” says Ms. Nicolls. Questions cover science, math, civics, literature, geography, pop culture, history, the arts, and current events.

Noah’s previous memorization of the order of United States presidents really came in handy this year. “In a ‘60 second round,’ where the students are asked 10 questions that have to be answered within 60 seconds, the category our team picked was History,” says Ms. Nicolls. “The subject was ‘the president who succeeded the president named...’ So, if the reader said ‘Lincoln,’ you would have to say ‘Buchanan.’ Noah ran the category, earning bonus points for getting all of them right. After the match, he said ‘I knew some day having memorized that would come in handy!’ It helped get us into the playoffs!”

Helping with the team's success was Dennis Dempsey, Sarah Deck, Alex Morris, and Ashley Lewry. The group also had a "practice team" helping prepare them for matches, which began the first week in October.