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Fourth-grade students Avery Hill, Brena Lewis, Olivia Moon, and Sophie Allison at their bracelet sales station in the hallway of Jackson Heights.

Fourth-grade fundraiser sends $155 to cancer center

March 19, 2014 — Fourth-graders in Jodi Eyer’s class at Jackson Heights recently raised $155 for Leukemia patients undergoing treatment at Glens Falls Hospital.

“The fourth graders knew someone that was recently diagnosed with Leukemia and wanted to do something to help,” explains Mrs. Eyer. So the students decided to make rubber band bracelets, rings and pencil grips as a fundraiser. “They set up shop and sold them every Friday for a month. Their goal was $50 and they were so excited when they made $38 on their first day of sales,” said Mrs. Eyer.

Fourth-graders Avery Hill, Brena Lewis, Olivia Moon, and Sophie Allison spearheaded the effort.

When the sale was over, the students had raised $155, which was donated to the C.R. Wood Cancer Center at Glens Falls Hospital. “I'm so proud of these kids,” continued Mrs. Eyer. “They came up with the idea and put into action. It really shows what a difference kids can make.”