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GFHS noted in report on benefits of later high school start times

April 7, 2014, 2014 — Glens Falls High School Asst. Principal Liz Collins was featured in a radio report on later high school start times Thursday, April 3. KCRW, the National Public Radio affiliate in Southern California, interviewed Mrs. Collins and Kyla Wahlstrom, director of the Center for Applied Research and Education Improvement.

"We definitely have seen some very positive changes with our student body since we changed the start time," said Mrs. Collins during the interview. "We've noticed that the number of students who are actually tardy to school has decreased, the percentage of failures has dropped in the different grades. Teachers are reporting that students are more alert in their AM classes. We also have been working with St. Lawrence University on a sleep study, and are just in the middle of collecting the final findings of that. In our initial findings, students are reporting an increase in the number of minutes they're actually sleeping each night, between 12 and 48 minutes, within the different grade levels."

"That doesn't sound like a lot," said Press Play radio host Madeleine Brand, "but can that make a big difference?"

Ms. Wahlstrom replied, "Sure. You know, it's very interesting. In the studies we've been doing -- and we've been studying this for about 17 years -- the amount of sleep that a teen gets, every little bit helps on a school night. So the fact that they're getting anywhere from 12 to 48 minutes is absolutely beneficial. What Liz Collins has mentioned is exactly in harmony with all the findings we’ve found over the last 17 years."

Listen to the entire 11-minute segment here: