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photo of students

Enjoying Girls' Night Out are Ariel Cruz, Katie Davis, Emma Conrick, Amanda Beswick, and Kimmi Sesselman.

High School’s Girls' Night Out builds confidence with facts and fun

April 8, 2014 — On Friday evening, April 4th, Glens Falls high school girls attended the annual “Girls’ Day/Girls’ Night” held in the auditorium, cafeteria, and gymnasium. The annual event is an initiative designed to strengthen and empower high school girls with life skills, information, and bonding over fun activities.

photo of student in burka“We had so much fun!” said English teacher Nicole Matino. “Girls were first treated to an enormous buffet of pizza, Indian food, salad and homemade mac n’ cheese,” Ms. Matino continued. “After dinner, we watched the documentary, Girls Rising, a pivotal movie about girls from developing nations refused the right to an education, and how they ‘rose up’ and fought oppression.”

photo of students

A student tries on a burqa, an outer garment worn by women in some Islamic traditions to cover their bodies when in public.

“After the movie, we met in small groups to brainstorm ways the movie inspired us and made us think,” noted Ms. Matino. “We wrote our thoughts down on ‘graffiti walls’ and placed our drawings in the cafeteria. After, some girls enjoyed a quick dip in the pool, whereas others enjoyed getting their nails and hair done by the BOCES cosmetology students. A fun and inspirational night was had by all.”

photo of student in burkaIn the photo at left, Sarah Bombard, Bella Winston, Abbigayle Fairchild, Taylor Brooks, and Jaime Holcomb participate in nail-painting, one of the friendship-building activities of the night.