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Fourth-graders make their mark at Big Cross

photo of students

Big Cross fourth-graders put their handprints and signatures on the gym wall, starting a new tradition for the "graduating" classes.

June 16, 2014 — Fourth-graders at Big Cross Elementary have made their mark by leaving a personal “touch” on the walls of the gymnasium.

In an effort to bring more color and interest to the walls of the school's gym, building principal Debbie Hall and some of her teachers came up with a project that not only addressed the task at hand, but would also honor and remember each year's fourth grade graduating class.

photo of students Recently, gym teacher Brian Seybolt, art teacher Rick Butto, and music teacher Geri Lynn Teta supervised 58 students as each one left a painted hand print, signed and dated, on the wall for posterity. As the students waited their turn to make their mark, Mrs. Teta conducted a sing-a-long and played piano. “The event was a lot of fun and very successful!” said Mr. Butto. “A new tradition has been born!””