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Christopher Hearley named Director of Business

August 19, 2013—Christopher Hearley will start next month as the new Director of Business for Glens Falls City School District. The Board of Education appointed Mr. Hearley to the position today, following a two-month search process. Mr. Hearley is currently budget director for the City of Albany.

“Chris brings significant experience in financial planning and business management oversight,” said Superintendent Paul Jenkins, who led the search that attracted dozens of candidates. “His leadership will be quite an asset to our administrative team, and to our district overall.”

Mr. Hearley has served in Albany’s budget office for 22 years, working as budget director for the past 17 years. As the City’s budget office downsized due to fiscal constraints in the mid 1990’s, he has been solely responsible for all budgetary functions since 1996.

“Municipalities and school districts share many of the same concerns and constraints,” said Mr. Hearley. “State aid and the property tax levy cap, increasing pension contributions and budgets that are overwhelmingly invested in personnel … cities and schools operate in very similar contexts. And just as residents of a city look for a balance between services they expect and taxes they can afford, residents of a school district look to square their best hopes for an educational program with a tax levy they deem reasonable.”

Mr. Hearley has a degree in business administration from the College of Saint Rose, and lives in Queensbury with his family. His official start date with the school district is Monday, September 9.

A search team of nine staff members representing several employee groups interviewed candidates and made recommendations to the Board of Education. The vacancy opened following the retirement of previous business director Steve Meier in June.

“I look forward to joining the team and making a positive impact for the district’s students, staff, and community,” said Mr. Hearley.