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photo of encampment

At each station, middle school students interacted with re-enactors, and got to handle artifacts dating back to the French and Indian War.

Students experience Colonial times during annual encampment on middle school grounds

October 25, 2013, 2013 -- In recognition of the sacrifices made by those defending freedom throughout America’s history and the significant events that have taken place in our local area, Glens Falls Middle School students participated in the 2013 French and Indian War Colonial Camp re-enactment on the fields behind the Middle School on Friday, October 25.

Multiple re-enactment companies participated in the event, and provided an immersion experience for students. Local re-enactors from Jacobs Rangers (Stockbridge) Indians, Speakman’s Rangers, Frazier’s Highlanders, 27th Grenadiers, and others camped out on the Middle School grounds on Thursday night, in order to be fully prepared to interact with the students beginning early Friday morning.

The annual event is now in its fourth year, and allows students to experience life as it was lived during the Colonial times. Fifth- through eighth-graders rotated through learning stations such as a Ranger station, a musket ball making station, the camp kitchen, an apothecary, a British soldier station, a full-size batteau (long boat), a Native American camp, a tomahawk throwing demonstration, a station where students could dress in period clothing, a station to teach Colonial survival skills, an quill-and-ink writing station, and diorama displays of Colonial history.

A special closing ceremony, including a display of blank volley gunfire, capped the event. Watch a video of Colonial Day 2012 below, to get a sense of what students got to experience.


News Channel 13 reported on the students' experience at this year's encampment. Click below to see the video clip: