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Celebrating Education Support Professionals during American Education Week – Thursday, November 20, 2014

Carol BrownPhoto of students and staff



Teacher Aide Carol Brown has worked in every elementary building within Glens Falls City Schools over the 22 years she has been serving the needs of the youngest in GF Nation. And in that time, she has worn many hats—special education aide, one-to-one aide (assisting one student through his or her entire day at school), two-to-one aide (supporting two students within a regular classroom), and library aide.

“I am now a two-to-one aide in the fourth grade class at Kensington Road elementary,” Mrs. Brown says. “Every day is unique. “I tailor my days to the needs of the students I'm with. There never seems to be any two days that are alike.”

It’s no wonder that one of the first words colleagues use to describe her is “flexible.” “She continuously strives to do her best and is always willing to do whatever is needed and necessary,” says Kensington secretary Kathy Thomson. “Her work ethic is admirable.”

photo of staff and studentsMrs. Brown says that helping students stay focused so that they can achieve their full potential is just one way she feels her service is helping students achieve success in school. “That moment when they grasp an idea that they have been struggling with is very rewarding,” she says.

Over her career, she has watched education evolve, and has been an important part of many changes. “Technology is a big part of the curriculum now,” Mrs. Brown says. “As a library aide, I was constantly learning new things on the computer which I have been able to use and help others with.”

One of the many ways Mrs. Brown contributes to the school community is by helping to organize the Kensington talent showcase, which has become an annual highlight for students, parents, and staff.

“Carol has always participated in our school talent shows which required several after school practices, and much coordination,” says principal Jen Hayes. “Whenever help is needed behind the scenes, you can be sure Carol is there.”

That dependability, along with her friendly attitude and willingness to share her knowledge with others, is what makes colleagues feel privileged to have Carol as part of their team, says Mrs. Thomson. “She is a team player and always someone who can be counted on to get the job done,” she says.

Mrs. Brown grew up locally, having graduated from Queensbury High School. She started her service to Glens Falls at Jackson Heights in 1992. When not at Kensington, she and a group of friends have been working with Bridging People and Places for the last couple of years. The organization connects volunteers to service projects that “send positive messages of loving kindness; promote healing; and bring more sensitivity, cooperation, and compassion into our world,” as the group’s mission describes it.

“I also have two 20-month old granddaughters that keep my life very busy,” Mrs. Brown says. “I walk three to four days a week and I work at Hallmark a couple of nights a week.”

“We are lucky to have Carol working in our District,” says Mrs. Thomson.