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Kensington students headed to "Odyssey" state finals

Photo of students and staff

March 28, 2016 —
Kensington Road elementary students are taking their creative thinking and problem-solving skills to Binghamton this weekend for the New York State finals of this year's Odyssey of the Mind tournament.

Odyssey of the Mind is an international STEAM-based program in which students work in teams and use their creativity, knowledge, and skill to develop solutions to problems that range from the technical to the structural to performance.

The team of students Kendall Gross, Brady Gross, Liam Burgess, Christophe Minton, Léo Parker, Benny Heyman, and Jay Zhao won the Region 6 divisional championship on March 19th, using a Minecraft-themed skit to solve the Odyssey problem called "No-Cycle Re-Cycle." Photo of students and staff

In the No-Cycle Re-Cycle problem, Teams will build, ride on, and drive a no-cycle, recycling vehicle. It will pick up discarded items, adapt them in some way, and then deliver them to places to be re-used. This vehicle must travel without pedaling for propulsion. In addition, the driver will have an assistant worker riding on the vehicle that will help process the trash items being repurposed. They will make an unplanned stop along the way to perform a random act of kindness. (from the Odyssey of the Mind 2015-16 problem set)


Glens Falls High School and Middle School hosted nearly 400 students from 26 different schools for the day-long Region 6 competition. Two teams from Kensington competed in this year's tournament. KRS' other team took 6th place in the "Fins, Furs, Feathers, and Friends" problem division.

Odyssey teams competed to show their solutions to one of five long-term problems, and each had to be completed in under 8 minutes, start to finish. Each team was also challenged with a “spontaneous problem,” which they had to solve on the spot.