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GFHS Mathletes Willy Herrmann, Liam Forbes, and Nolan Hogan get top scores

Photo of students and staff

April 12, 2016 —
Weird Town uses three types of currencies: Cons, Flegs, and Leus. If 3 Leus are equal to 9 Cons, and 2 Cons are equal to 4 Flegs, how many Flegs are equal to 5 Leus?

Glens Falls High School Mathletes have solved problems like these (the answer is 30, by the way) to finish in second place this year in the WWSC (Warren, Washington and Saratoga County) math league. There were nine local teams that competed. Junior Willy Herrmann was the season's top scorer, with senior Liam Forbes finishing second, and sophomore Nolan Hogan placing third.

photo of students

Glens Falls junior Willy Herrmann, senior Liam Forbes, and sophomore Nolan Hogan were the season's top scorers.

Glens Falls’ 37 Mathletes were coached this year by GFHS math teacher Tom Barrows. The season consisted of five math meets which started in November and went through March. At the meets, students work individually on the questions and are given 17 minutes to complete the first set of three questions. Papers are then collected and graded by the team's math coach while students work on the second set of questions.

Students do not know the questions in advance of a meet, and they look like this:

  • In a 10,000-meter race between the hare and the tortoise, the hare's speed was 5 times that of the tortoise. They started at the same place and at the same time and ran at constant speeds. The hare ran for a while, then went to sleep. The tortoise ran all the time. When the hare awakened, he tried to catch the tortoise but was 100 meters behind when the tortoise crossed the finish line. How far, in meters, did the tortoise run while the hare was sleeping? (Answer: 8,020)
  • In a takeout restaurant, there are 10 different food choices. A guest is given 4 boxes to take out the food he/she likes. Each box can only contain one type of food. The types of food in the boxes that the guests take out are not necessarily different. How many ways are there to put the food into 4 boxes? (Answer: 715)

GFHS Mathlete team members include: Sean Ash, Nora Borgos, Greyson Brady, Michael Chevalier, Emma Coyner, Gabby Davis, Emily Derrick, Summer Dillon, Frankie Endieveri, Liam Forbes, Khaz Gunnawa, Emily Hammond, Jacob Harmon, Sam Hawkins, Laura Hendley, Willy Herrmann, Nolan Hogan, David Jenkins, Luke Kelly, Kayla Lugo, Peter Mauro, Reese McClements, Haylee Mello, Jaquelin Mignot, Austin Montello, Justin Nolan, Matt Parent, Hannah Pettis, Michael Schrammel, Clay Smith, Olivia Southworth, Andrew Stamatel, Henry Vanderminden, Jacob West, Kellen Wolfe, Taylor Wooley, and Owen Wright.