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GFMS' student-artists are Olympians!

May 9, 2016 — When you throw a paper plate into the garbage after pizza night, you probably aren't thinking of wearing it the next day. But that's exactly what some very creative student-artists have done, as they researched and discovered the many kinds of
paper products found in the trash, and used them to create an original fashion design!

The arts project—just one of many categories of competition in the Olympics of the Visual Arts—required not just completion of a "trashy" garment. Students were judged on a portfolio with each entry that "clearly identifi[ed] the art period, movement, or artist after which you have designed your garment ... evidence of brainstorming, research and references," and "includ[ed] documentation of your creative problem solving, your original sketches, reflections, and written notes." And that was only the beginning.

Glens Falls students' creations earned several awards in the April 21st competition at hte Saratoga Springs City Center. "31 students on 8 teams competed and showed their work along with students from throughout the state," said art teacher Joy Muller-McCoola. She was very proud of the work the students completed for the competition, noting that it was all of Olympic quality. "The work that goes into completing an Olympic entry requires working as a team, doing research on art, history, and the specific project problem, brainstorming possible solutions to the problem, and creation of the finished work of art," she explained. "Evidence of all the steps is part of the display."

Six of Glens Falls' eight teams brought back awards, including a special effort by the middle school architecture team on "a spontaneous problem that put it over the top" to take second place.

Competing artists included:

  •  Olivia Teta, Mo Northrup, Lauren Weil, and Charlotte MacPherson (1st Place Elem. Sculpture)
  • Destini Stomski, Michelle Villa, Chloe Morris, and Madeline Weil (1st Place MS Illustration)
  • Brooke Patnode, Miranda Subcliff, Taylor Stone, Sarah Kemble, Kylee Doran, and Olivia Vanderpool (2nd place, MS Drawing)
  • Kaylani Rivera, Faith Stone, Avery Hill, Holly Gregory, Lilly Gallagher, and Lison Tunick (2nd Place MS Sculpture)
  • Jacob Ashe, Nick Teta, Andrew Nelson, and Wyatt MacPherson (2nd Place MS Architecture)
  • Emma Otto, Chris Tremaine, Jacob Morehouse, Sophia Wager, and Julia Castertino (MS Fashion)
  • Americus Frederick, Lauren Weil, Olivia Teta, and Rosalie Carlsen (3rd Place Elem. Fashion)
  • Kate Paradis and Judy Derrick (MS Photography)

The Olympics of the Visual Arts is an extracurricular school program for students across New York State, spearheaded by the New York State Art Teachers Association. The competition presents a series of problems that require utilizing historical references, brainstorming, problem solving, and creative solutions. There are two forms of problem solving, according to the NYSATA website. One is a long-term problem that will require research, planning, and creativity, and is completed prior to the State Competition. The other form of problem is a short-term or spontaneous solution and is done on-site during the State Competition.

Congratulations to all student-artists!