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Recognizing Teacher Appreciation Week – Friday, May 12, 2017

Elaine HerseyPhoto of students and staff



At right, Mrs. Hersey stands with other GFMS team coordinators inside the "Bling Bucks Store," a reward effort for positive behaviors held in December of each year. Read about this school-wide effort HERE and HERE.

What do you do to engage students who visit your office?

When students are upset or need to talk I am there to listen and help support them through the school day. My office is a space where I hope students can feel safe and comfortable.

Why do you think it's important to help students the way you do?

My goal is to help students be available for learning to the best of their ability. I teach skills that help students manage their emotions and different challenges they present. I also test students to help understand their learning styles and strengths and weaknesses.

photo of staff and students

What do you feel is the most exciting thing about education, particularly at the middle school?

Students at the middle school show so much growth between 5th and 8th grade! It is great see how they mature and grow intellectually, emotionally and physically.

Do you have a favorite activity or set of skills that students can use on their own to help them learn better?

Many of the students enjoy the stress tools that I have in my office. Manipulating magnetic animal magnets, for example, or searching for "I Spy" items within a cylinder full of beads helps to calm they down and regroup when they are stressed. Koosh balls were always a favorite as well!

Tell us a little more about yourself.

I moved to North Creek in high school, attended Potsdam and obtained a degree in psychology and education degree in elementary education. I went to graduate school at Boston College and got a masters in school counseling and CAES in school psychology. I have been at the middle school for 23 years. My first job was in New Hampshire and I spent five years at Prospect school in Glens Falls. I am married, have two boys and enjoy activities such as downhill and cross country skiing, biking and just being outdoors.