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High and Middle Schools conduct lockdown drill with help from law enforcement

September 22, 2016—Officers from Glens Falls Police Department were on site at the High School/Middle School campus this morning, as the buildings conducted a lockdown drill—in which students and staff practice emergency response procedures.

The 40-minute drill began shortly before 10 a.m. with students and staff members securing themselves inside classrooms, as administrators rehearsed each building’s emergency response protocol. Five officers from the Glens Falls Police Department swept the buildings, helping to evaluate the procedures. Two dogs from the GFPD K-9 unit conducted a sweep of the hallways in the High School as part of the drill.

Drills like this are part of our effort to plan for and ensure that staff members are trained in how to act during a potential emergency, and to give students practice opportunities. As always, our goal is to make sure that students and staff are as safe as possible at all times. Drills are an important way for us to practice and improve our protocols and procedures. If you have any questions about this event or safety procedures, please contact the superintendent’s office or your child’s school principal.