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Celebrating Education Support Professionals during American Education Week – Thursday, November 17, 2016

Stacy FrandsenPhoto of students and staff


If you talk with colleagues of building aide Stacy Frandsen, it’s easy to spot a recurring theme of kindness in action:

"She cares so much about all the kids and Jackson Heights!”

“Stacy knows every student at Jackson Heights and treats them all like they are her own children.”

"She is always willing to do anything you ask her to!"

"Mrs. Frandsen does things before you ask her. She has the ability to read your mind. She goes above and beyond, and is very creative."

“She is kind, patient, and goes that extra step to make the students feel like Jackson Heights is their home away from home,” says kindergarten teacher Christy Shpur. On a recent morning in Mrs. Shpur’s classroom, Mrs. Frandsen helped paint students’ palms so they could make a hand-print on large sheets of construction paper for a class project. She got a lot of giggles from the students who thought the paintbrush tickled.

photo of staff and studentsAs a building aide, Mrs. Frandsen goes into different classrooms to help teachers and students. “I typically work one-on-one with students,” Mrs. Frandsen says. “I help students that might need extra help.”

The help Mrs. Frandsen gives can range from helping a student write words form a spelling list to being a compassionate listening ear. “She has taken one of my kindergarten boys under her wing during lunch,” Mrs. Shpur says. “He is overwhelmed by the cafeteria and is nervous about trying new food. She brings stickers to reward him and gently encourages him throughout lunch.”

“The kids all feel comfortable confiding in her if they have a problem on the playground,” Mrs. Shpur continues. "She is a great problem solver and team player," agrees principal Carrie Mauro.

“I always try to find creative new ways to help students,” says Mrs. Frandsen. “I'm learning how to assist students with new technology. The most rewarding part of my job is being able to help each student. I love watching them get excited when they acquire new skills!”

Mrs. Frandsen graduated from Glens Falls High School. She has four children, two of whom have graduated from Glens Falls, a son in seventh grade, and another son in fifth grade.