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Founders' Day Award Winners, 2018


The Founders' Day Awards celebrate committed parent volunteers and/or staff members from each school. Each honoree has been selected to recognize his or her service and dedication to go above and beyond for the students of Glens Falls City Schools.

The recipients of this annual award are selected by the Parent-Teacher-Student Associations, based on their devotion, positive attitude, and work ethic, among other qualities. Congratulations and thank you to the 2018 Founders’ Day honorees!


Jackson heights parent teacher ASSOCIATION:

Chris Wettersten and Marcia Fitzgerald


photo of staff and studentsThe Jackson Heights PTA has chosen teacher Chris Wettersten, and aide Marcia Fitzgerald as this year’s Founders Day honorees.

Chris Wettersten has worked for 30 years in Glens Falls City School District. "She has done an amazing job with her kindergarten class," says principal Carrie Mauro. "She has a gift that she has given to so many students—a gift of dedication. She is friendly, knowledgeable and kind. She is a dynamo who advocates for her students and pushes them to be the best they can be. She is a role model to her peers and genuine.

 "Mrs. Wettersten has an expertise and a gift for working with children. She has a heart of gold and truly cares. As her colleagues echo, she is patient, forgiving, and so caring. She listens when needed, helps when needed and gives everyday!

Another great asset of Mrs. Wettersten is her sense of humor. She uses her humor in a valuable way, deflecting a stressful situation, and redirection. She is a positive person who starts fresh everyday..bringing a smile and warmth to her classroom and to Jackson Heights. Jackson Heights and Glens Falls have been the lucky ones to have Mrs. Wettersten for all these wonderful years!

photo of staff and students“Marcia Fitzgerald has been working for the District for 17 years," says Mrs. Mauro. "I love when Marcia is at the door. She always greets me with a warm smile and hellos. I will miss the nice way she starts my day.

"Her colleagues agree that Marcia has been amazing a social organizer all these years, and they will miss December Delights! Mrs. Fitzgerald goes above and beyond in making the school day flow easier and supporting any child she works with. She has wonderful ideas and suggestions, and her creativity is the best!

"Mrs. Fitzgerald is kind, caring and loves children and always willing to help. She is a fun, loving, special aide who has such an amazing way with the kids! She has a positive attitude and loves working with all children. You will always find her at the end of the line encouraging children to keep moving. Mrs. Fitzgerald gives all of her heart to the students and all students benefit from this.

"Mrs. Fitzgerald Is so very kind and generous. She has made a positive impact on both students and adults throughout our school and district. She makes a point of noticing and acknowledging even the smallest accomplishments to promote a happy, warm environment. She is a gem!"



Stacie DiMezza and Yvonne Anderson


photo of staff and studentsThe Middle School PTSA has chosen parent volunteer Stacie DiMezza, and math teacher Yvonne Anderson as this year’s Founders Day honorees.

For the past several years Stacie has worn several hats as a MS PTSA member and officer,” says fellow PTSA member Renee Borgos. “She has served as secretary and currently treasurer of the PTSA. Her attention to detail, flexibility, friendly personality, reliability and dedication to the school are all qualities that have made her invaluable to the PTSA and the school as a whole.

"She is always ready and willing to assist whenever needed. She has stepped up for the last two years to coordinate our spirit wear fundraisers almost single-handedly. She goes above and beyond with any endeavor she takes on and never refuses to lend a helping hand.

"Stacie is an asset to the school and community and we are lucky to have her. Her absence next year as she moves on to the HS PTSA will be greatly felt; our loss is their gain. Thank you, Stacie, for all you have done for the MS over the last four years!”

photo of staff and students“Yvonne Anderson, our 8th grade math teacher, is the epitome of professionalism and character education expectations,” says colleague Shirley Rice-Casagrande. “She is admired by staff and faculty alike. She has a unique ability to present seemingly complicated mathematical terminology to her students in terms they can relate to. If you ever had the opportunity to spend time in her room, you would see for yourself the amazing knowledge she has for all things math. So much so, that she recently achieved a personal goal when she was inducted into the New York State Master Teacher Program.”

“Yvonne is one of the hardest-working and most dedicated teachers that I know,” says colleague Juliana Ogden. “Yvonne’s dedication to her craft of teaching is illustrated through her work ethic. She is usually one of the first teachers to arrive at school in the morning and one of the last teachers to leave for the day.

"Not only does she provide help to her current students, but she offers her assistance to any student, at any grade level that might need her help. Yvonne is a positive role model for her students. Her students observe how hard she works to try to help them be as successful as they can be. When students’ schedules are issued at the beginning of the school year you can tell which of them have been placed in her class because you can hear the subtle rejoicing. She is not just a leader with the math department, but she is seen as a leader within the Middle School itself.”



Sara Quartiers


photo of staff and studentsThe Big Cross Elementary PTA has chosen parent volunteer Sara Quartiers as this year’s Founders Day honoree.

"Sara has been actively involved in the PTA for the last 6 years," says Principal Debbie Hall. "She is always willing to go above and beyond in support of our students at Big Cross. She is a tireless worker in dedication to our school!"

"Sara has been involved as an officer for the last several years and attends the monthly Board of Education meetings to report on all of the PTA happenings throughout the year. Sara has chaired many different events including the Harvest Dance, Spring Fair, Homeroom Parents Tea, and 4th Grade Moving Up Ceremony and will help out with a shovel to add new equipment to our playground.

"Sara will seek out different ways to advance the PTA mission at Big Cross—including writing a grant for playground shades. Sara also writes the quarterly newsletters and coordinates the volunteer list for our many events. Thank you to Sara for all that you do each and every day for the students and staff at Big Cross!"



Marybeth Chambers


photo of staff and studentsThe Kensington Road Elementary PTA has chosen parent volunteer Marybeth Chambers as this year’s Founders Day honoree.

According to fellow PTA member, Lisa Patton, “Marybeth sets the bar for organizational skills and meticulous scheduling. She will drop what she is doing in a moment’s notice to help out in any way she can. Whether she is running up to Kensington to help rescue Principal Jen Hayes with an event that is short-handed, or dropping what she is doing to run out and grab much-needed supplies and materials. She has always been a dependable person you can rely on in a moment of need, and she is an amazing problem solver.”

“Marybeth has volunteered countless hours to the KRS School community,” says Mrs. Hayes “Over the years she has made substantial contributions to the Holiday Workshop, Garden, Spring Fair Prizes, Bike Rodeo, Backpack Program, Staff Appreciation, Talent Show, and Home Room Parent committees and events.

“Marybeth is not only an active participant at school, she is also a wonderful wife and an amazing mother to her son, Brett.”



Bob Cote


photo of staff and studentsThe High School PTSA has chosen math teacher Bob Cote to be honored this year for Founders Day, "because he has done so much for the students and to make sure [our] years at GFHS are great,” according to just one of the many nominators.

“Mr. Cote contributes to the school in so many unique ways. He is a math teacher and the Math Department Chairperson. He advises Student Council, decorates the lobby for holidays, sends daily birthday wishes to staff, chaperones student events, and the list goes on. Mr. Cote is a tremendous asset to our school community and certainly deserving of this honor.

“Mr. Cote is a proud Glens Falls Indian. He is dedicated to the success of his students and he is an integral part of many of the things that make Glens Falls High School a great place to learn and work. Mr. Cote puts the time in for students who need help, and he really puts out the Christmas spirit in December with his decorations. He helps to make our building a better place every day!”