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GF honor students shine in Broadway's Classroom too!

25 middle school students fully outfitted in white body suits, hats, masks, and eyewear, learning about clean technologyMay 31, 2018 — For the 12th consecutive year, National Honor Society members from Glens Falls got to participate in Broadway Classroom in New York City last week.

In less than an hour, 31 NHS students learned the lyrics and choreography for the opening song in the musical Come From Away—a play about community, hope, and resilience on September 11, 2001 and in the days that followed.

“Scott Ethier, a composer and musician, and Josh Breckenridge, dance coach and understudy for all of the 12 actors performing 60 roles in the show, instructed the participants,” says NHS advisor Maureen Sara. “Both instructors praised our students for learning the song without any sheet music!”

The video below was taken inside Broadway Classroom's studio, and features student veterans of musical theatre as well as those who have never performed before.

“Our students were so moved by the show that NHS has ordered a Newfoundland flag,” says Mrs. Sara. “We will sign it at our monthly meeting in June and send it to the Gander Chamber of Commerce in Newfoundland to show our gratitude to our Canadian friends and our shared spirit of compassion.”

Come from Away tells the true story of what transpired when 38 planes were diverted and ordered to land unexpectedly in the small town of Gander, Newfoundland as US airspace closed following the attacks of September 11th. The influx of international passengers and crew members doubled the size of the town’s population in just a few hours. The characters in the musical are based on (and in most cases share the names of) real Gander residents as well as some of the 7,000 stranded travelers they housed and fed for more than a week.

NHS Broadway Classroom from Glens Falls City Schools on Vimeo.