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Celebrating Education Support Professionals during American Education Week – Monday, November 13, 2017

Marcia FitzgeraldPhoto of students and staff


If there’s one word to sum up the overall dedication of Teacher Aide Marcia Fitzgerald, it might be “stamina.”

“I feel my service helps students achieve success by showing them that there are many ways to solve a problem,” she says. “Keep trying different things until you figure it out. ‘Stamina’ is a word I try to use a lot.”

Mrs. Fitzgerald practices what she teaches, as she has been working for Glens Falls City School for 17 years. She has also been married for 45.

“Marcia is a real Jackson Heights team player,” says Principal Carrie Mauro. “She is dedicated, reliable and pitches in and helps whenever needed happily and willingly. This is an admirable quality. She also cares about everyone and wants to have fun with the people she works with!”

As a teacher aide, Mrs. Fitzgerald is responsible for two particular students in the class who each need some one-on-one help. But once you step into the classroom, you’ll quickly see that every child is comfortable talking with her, or showing her their hard work.

photo of staff and students“Marcia has a heart of gold,” notes one of her Jackson Heights colleagues. “She is genuinely interested in student success as well as their happiness. She makes an effort to dialog with students so they know they are valued and loved.”

“Marcia is calm and even keeled with the students,” notes another faculty member. “That's not to be mistaken for being too easy or soft. She has high expectations, but the kids know she represents structure and safety, even on the hard days. In this day and age the value of those two things is immeasurable.”

She says that education has evolved a great deal over her career. “The use of technology alone has made me leave my comfort zone and learn how to use computers and iPads,” she says.

Outside of school, Mrs. Fitzgerald enjoys reading and cooking. She graduated from Hudson Falls High School. And as supportive and caring as she is, Marcia says the best part of her work is when it’s accomplished. “The most rewarding part of my job is when a student no longer needs my help.”