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Celebrating Education Support Professionals during American Education Week – Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Alice JenkinsPhoto of students and staff


Elementary teachers rely on her for 23 copies of a science worksheet—on top of the classroom sets of a social studies review packet, plus tomorrow’s math facts quiz. High School teachers rely on her to find substitute coverage on the fly when they wake up sick in the morning. Students rely on her to buzz them into the building when they return from BOCES courses, or are looking to complete their next supported employment job. And all of this is just a few hours’ worth of work for Clerk Alice Jenkins.

“Alice works quietly in the background, but we would be lost without her,” says High School Principal Tammy Silvernell.

“She arrives each morning to the chaos of checking in substitute teachers and staff,” Mrs. Silvernell says. “Nearly every day, there are unfilled positions that need to be addressed.”

“A unique skill I do every morning is to make sure all classes are covered,” Mrs. Jenkins says. “When a situation arises and immediate coverage is needed, I automatically switch to my checklist and amazingly everything works out with the help from our wonderful faculty and staff.”

photo of staff and students“Alice takes the initiative to figure out where she can ‘borrow’ a staff member or who she can call to come in,” continues Mrs. Silvernell. “Even if it is inconvenient for someone to say yes to help fill a vacancy, Alice is so sweet, no one can refuse to help her out.”

Her duties put her in the High School’s main office, and in the district’s Instructional Materials Processing Center, otherwise known as the “IMP” Center. Nearly all of the district’s paper copying is done at IMP, and then delivered to buildings and individual classrooms. Fulfilling the copy needs of all the district’s teachers takes thousands of sheets of paper each day, and also requires the help of a team of student workers and their educators.

"Working with Mrs. Brown, Mr. Lis and several of the students in the IMP Center is probably the best part of my day,” says Mrs. Jenkins. “I always look forward to working with them.” “Alice works so patiently with our special needs students in IMP,” notes Mrs. Silvernell. “She is kind and supportive.”

Her colleagues appreciate her hard work and independent problem-solving capabilities. “She has thought about solutions to problems that arise and she comes to me armed with an idea of how to resolve the issue at hand,” says Mrs. Silvernell.

Yet amid the demands of a busy job, Mrs. Jenkins is focused on students. “I enjoy watching the children come in as 9th graders, watching them grow and mature into young adults, and see them achieve their goals,” she says.

Mrs. Jenkins graduated from Coxsackie Athens Central School, and started working for Glens Falls in May of 1990—in the kitchen. In April of 2005, she shifted from food services to working as a member of the High School’s support staff. She has several hobbies outside of work, and enjoys traveling with her granddaughter and spending time with family.