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Celebrating Education Support Professionals during American Education Week – Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Lori GreenPhoto of students and staff


“We are here as building aides to keep kids safe, model good behavior, and help them to know and maintain the rules which will guide them to be respectful, kind, thoughtful people,” explains Lori Green. “I love being around the allows me to know all the kids in the building.” And as a building aide at Kensington Road School, Mrs. Green sure moves around!

Her day begins at 8 AM on the front sidewalks, as she assists with traffic control and student supervision. “She greets the students by name and a high-five every morning at drop off with a smile on her face,” says principal Jen Hayes. “Her energy is absolutely contagious.”

photo of staff and studentsOnce the school day gets underway, Mrs. Green pushes into various classrooms throughout the day, offering whatever service a teacher may need. “Sometimes that may be helping kids one-on-one, doing projects, or redesigning bulletin boards,” she says. Then it’s off to the cafeteria to help children “get lunch, open lunch and remind them to eat lunch!!” Recess also falls into her territory, as she makes sure students are playing safely. If office staff members are out, Mrs. Green helps cover office functions, as well. Sometimes she dismisses students to their parents and caregivers at the end of the day.

“Lori is always willing to jump in and take over a class, grab a line of students, fill in at the main office; whatever you need, Lori is there,” says secretary Kathy Thomson. “She's dependable, adaptable, efficient and thinks on her feet.”

“I can always count on Lori to help wherever needed,” says Mrs. Hayes. “She has a great sense of humor and is a pleasure to work with.”

Since she works with students in virtually every setting of their day, she has a unique perspective on our young learners. “Elementary-age children are innocent, sincere, full of stories, and love to give big hugs!” she notes. “They noticeably change a lot from unsure kindergartners into confident, knowledgeable fourth-graders and that is fun to watch!”

Mrs. Green has been with Glens Falls City Schools since 2013, when she began substituting. Last fall, she took on the full-time building aide position. She graduated from Franklin Academy High School in Malone, NY, and received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Oswego State University. She has lived in the US Virgin Islands (Saint Thomas), and in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Outside of school, she likes to ski and hike.

“Lori has a great sense of humor and is an awesome cook,” says Mrs. Thomson. “Her Millie Bars are legendary!”