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Sean Pettis and Meghan Siergiey to perform in Macy's Thanksgiving Day ParadePhoto of students and staff

November 22, 2017 - Watch for two of Glens Falls’ most talented musicians in this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Sophomore Sean Pettis will play saxophone in a repeat performance with the Great American Marching Band, while junior Meghan Siergiey is making her parade debut as a dancer.

Both GFHS students have been in New York City all week, rehearsing for Thursday morning’s performance, connecting with other student-musicians from across the country, and enjoying some “Big Apple” delights.

“The best part of last year would have to be playing with so many wonderful and talented people from all across the U.S,” says Sean. “My roommate from Albuquerque, New Mexico is going to be my roommate again this year. We have been in touch along with a bunch of other people I met last year and we are so excited to see each other again. Performing with this group definitely gives you life long friendships!”

photo of staff and studentsOnce a musician is selected to be in the Macy's Great American Marching Band, he or she has the opportunity to perform in subsequent years without having to go through the audition process again—so Sean simply agreed to the repeat performance.

Not so for Meghan. She had to audition to be accepted into the dance troupe, but she says Sean’s tales of his “amazing time” encouraged her to try out last spring.

“It was a little stressful because I wanted to submit my audition video early,” Meghan says. “It needed to be three minutes in length and show a variety of dance genres in one video. My dance teacher Caroline Beaty Behan was very helpful in choreographing my solo for the audition.”

In the early summer, a letter arrived in Meghan’s mailbox. “I was nervous to open it,” the long-time dancer says. “When I did, and found out I was accepted, I cried. My hard work had paid off.”

photo of staff and studentsBut the work wasn’t over for her or Sean, as they both needed to learn the music and routine prior to arriving in New York City this week.

“It was so much fun last year learning how to march,” Sean says. “However it was challenging learning the routine for Harold Square because I had no experience with marching. This year, having experience from last year, I am looking forward to the new routine for Harold Square.”

“I am a little worried about being cold in costume, but they have approved a new costume for the dancers this year—very exciting,” says Meghan. “We do march at a very quick pace which should keep us warm.”

Sean agrees about the pace of the parade. “I get out of breath especially because we march so fast,” he laughs. “Also, my instrument requires so much breath, so yes it's very tiring!”

The parade airs on NBC beginning at 9 a.m. Thursday morning, so the entire school community can keep our eyes open for Glens Falls' finest. “My saxophone is black, so if you watch I might stand out!!” grins Sean.